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Winter Solstice

Yes, I know, it's been a while since my last blog. Life has been crazy in the last couple of years.

Fortunately, now I am retired from my day job (eight months now) and after quite a bit of drama during that time, it is a relief to settle down and think about creative projects in the new year.

Life's lessons can be harsh. I feel "guided" and respect the outcome of circumstances that did not necessarily "go my way." For instance, I tried to sell my house last summer because I was feeling insecure about finances after quitting my job. I moved in with my partner of 12 years and had a buyer willing to pay full price.

Apparently it wasn't for my highest good. Spirit stepped in and gave me the opportunity to change my mind. My buyer backed out of the deal at the last minute, and feeling frustrated, I continued to show the house. There is a stubborn streak in me that refuses sometimes to see the whole picture!

It finally dawned on me at the end of October that I really didn't want to sell my comfortable house. So I took it off the market and prayed for a miracle to allow me to stay in the house. That miracle came in the form of a reverse mortgage. In early November my sons moved me back and I really think my partner was relieved to have his house back! We were very crowded with my stuff filling both his garages ... and we could both see that the housing market was not going to provide us the "perfect" house for the two of us anytime soon.

I haven't written any new books in 2021, but I am working (slowly) on another memoir, SHOW ME THE PATH OF LOVE. I hope to get back in the groove of working on it in January 2022. Right now I am enjoying the comfort of my own house with all the sunshine coming in, lots of space . . .

and I added an adopted kitty to my household. His name is Mr. Spock and he's all black (I've always been fond of black cats, for some reason). Things are great with my partner and my family, and life's lessons in 2021 may have been harsh, but the future looks bright.

Winter Solstice is happening today. I have always looked forward to it because it means the days start getting longer and Spring is on its way. Happy New Year! May 2022 be glorious for us all.


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