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Chasing Dreams ... or being chased by dreams?

I am happy to announce that my newest novel, THE DREAM CHASERS, is now out ... both in paperback and as an ebook.

THE DREAM CHASERS is a mixture of mystery, romance and intrigue. It is a blending of actual experiences and fiction, with a touch of the paranormal. The story was inspired by actual happenings that occurred in my life 16 years ago, when my son and I ran a shopper in the San Luis Valley (the Lower Valley in my story).

It was a challenging (but fun) time in my life, in which I commuted to Monte Vista every week and would drive over Cochetopa Pass to get home to Ethan (my husband) and our "farm" in Paonia for weekends. Unfortunately, the "dream" came to an end and I returned to Paonia and eventually managed to get employed again at my old job.

Dreams have always affected me. I don't know what they mean, but I think they have a way of inspiring us and reminding us of people and things outside our daily lives.

Because of this book, I feel that I did not fail in my business venture. There is always a reason why things happen the way they do, and there was a lot that happened in the ensuing years, which resulted in our moving to southern Ohio when my husband became terminally ill. That whole story is told in my memoir, THROUGHOUT ALL TIME.

Back to dreams ... the nocturnal kind can "nudge" us along in life as the subconscious mind attempts to guide us (or are they actual Guides who watch over us from another realm?). Then there are the dreams we use to build our lives and obtain those things that bring us fulfillment and joy. It is good to have a dream, to have a goal in your life, even if you do not succeed in the way you thought you should.

Life is full of stumbling blocks, and for good reason. How else can we experience the full value of living on Planet Earth? And I also believe we can create our own reality with our attitudes, our will, and how we treat others. We reap what we sow, and when there is trouble, I've always found that Love is the answer. When someone tries to hurt you (and this includes politics, by the way), Love can be a powerful weapon in your favor.

Anyway, I hope you will buy a copy of my new book. In a way it was a catharsis for me, but I enjoyed working on this novel as much as I did RAINBOW MAJESTY and SONATA SUMMER. Maybe more so. And maybe one day I will be inspired to write another. However, Miss Annette is nudging me to get started soon on her spring adventure (the 8th in the series of YA books that I write under the name Ann Carol Ulrich). However ... I think I'll take a winter break and enjoy lounging ... yeah, right!?

The alternate cover you see is from a painting by my late husband, Ethan Miller. I almost used it for the front cover of The Dream Chasers.

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