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​​New Dreams for a New Year

As I gaze out my office window this afternoon, snow is falling at a slant -- the first real snow we've had yet since I've lived in Cedaredge. It has already covered the ground and the driveways, and it looks like our snow shovels, sequestered away in the garage, may get some use yet!

I was supposed to go with my real estate lady this morning to look at a property I'm interested in, but the weather put a damper on those plans. Just as well ... nobody should be out on the roads on a day like this unless it's absolutely necessary. I will see the available property another time.

2016 was a dynamic year. You've got to admit, it was an unprecedented political season, and it was important to me because of the home purchase made with my partner of seven years. Our relationship has been just as dynamic, which has led to us putting our new home back on the market and making plans to go our separate ways. This is not a surprise ... nor is it devastating, as I've seen this coming for at least a couple of years.

2017 promises to be another challenge in the respect that I will need to move again, and most likely it will be a downsize. It was an accomplishment to achieve our dream of buying Sunny Brook, our two-acre mini-farm here in Cedaredge. The house is wonderful, the views are outstanding, the climate is unbelievably mild and the neighbors are fantastic. We finally have room, plenty of garage space, chickens, a garden, fruit trees and flowers. Sunny Brook is a paradise. Unfortunately, it is now under contract and waiting for the buyers to sell their property before the deal actually goes through.

Meanwhile, we go back and forth as to whether we made the wise decision to sell and separate. I believe it was the right decision, and I look forward to independence and the freedom to have pets again and less financial burden. Everything has its price, and I may have overextended myself when we bought this place. On the other hand, it's definitely worth it to have a roof over your head and a warm home when it's freezing cold outside and the snow is building on my back porch.

I fulfilled the dream in 2016 of harvesting a garden, canning and freezing food like I did in my younger years. I raised a flock of 15 chickens who are producing 12-14 eggs per day, and I consider them my pets. Gucifer, the rooster, is beautiful and he knows how to take care of his hens. Queenie, the largest Buff Orpington, is currently brooding, so there may be baby chicks before February gets here.

Being closer to my sons means a lot. I don't see them as often as I could, but only because everybody has their lives and are busy. Slowly I am making friends ... something that is kind of a challenge because of my reclusive nature. But I vow to be more outgoing after I move again. I'd like to get out more, maybe take some yoga classes again, participate in more things and even volunteer my time. Nature is one of my great loves, and it would be fulfilling to start painting again.

Someone I know believes our world is not going to survive 2017. I beg to differ. I have an optimistic feeling about the future, and I think our consciousness is starting to guide us in the right direction again. We have been divided and categorized too much. It is time to come together as human spirits and children of God. We can have differences without forcing others to accept us ... or them. We can just be ourselves, love life, make the most of it, and enjoy our world instead of destroying it. We are going to make it! I can guarantee it. Next year, as we slide into 2018, you can bet I'll be right back here, blogging again about the Dreams ahead.

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