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Sample some of the chapters from my literary works.

These may change from time to time, so be sure to check back often!


Intimate Abduction

by Ann Carol Ulrich

First in the "Space Trilogy" series... Johanna Dobbs only knows that the handsome dark-haired man sitting beside her at the ballet is attractive and alluring with his penetrating blue eys and strange accent. What she doesn't know is that she is about to be abducted, an event that will change her life... and her heart ... forever.   

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Return To Terra

by Ann Carol Ulrich


Johanna and Serassan return to Earth to help prevent a major catastrophe in the works. Johanna's brother, Manley Dobbs, quit his job and now runs a nonprofit UFO Contact Center. Through his shelter for abductees, he meets Dorothy Meyers, who was captured and examined by ETs, as well as the intriguing and exotic Kapri, who captures his heart. 

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The Light Being

by Ann Carol Ulrich



On Karos, Johanna's and Serassan's teen-age daughter, Crystal, longs to join the Estronian Fleet. Bakc on Terra, young Blake Dobbs is not happy about his parents' decision to move to the Four Corners. He meets the Light Beinhg in a lucid dream, but soon learns that L.B. is real when Earth enters the Photon Belt and chaos erupts.




Night of the November Moon

​by Ann Carol Ulrich


A lucid dream and a synchronous assignment lead the recently widowed young Winnie Grant to Pleton Manor, home of her lost love, Rob Pelton. Reunited by a chance encounter, the two rekindle the flames of their adolescent past. But the manor hides a chilling secret of death and betrayal.

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Sonata Summer

by Ann Ulrich Miller


Last summer in Aspen... Rhea fell in love with Parker Sherwin while on scholarship at the Aspen Music Festival. Just one week before their wedding, a forest fire claimed Parker's life. Rhea meets Trey Michaels, an outfitter, but insists on remaining faithful to Parker, whose spirit jobs at her side during her daily runs along the Rio Grande Trail. She doesn't dare tell anyone that she shares conversations with her unseen lover.

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