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The Mystery at Hickory Hill


by Ann Carol Ulrich



While visiting a ranch in Colorado, Annette and her best friend Penny get more than they bargained for when their friend Mandy leads them on horseback into "off limits" territory. A missing professor, a suspicious yellow envelope, and a mysterious old mountain man are the ingredients for mystery, adventure and a spark of romance in this '60s era introduction to the Annette Vetter Adventure Series.

READ A LETTER from Annette about her adventures.


The Secret of the Green Paint


by Ann Carol Ulrich



Chris Hilgert's family problems soon lead Annette into involvement with murder and Sue Hilgert's psycho boyfriend. Will Chris and Sue's father turn out to be the famous landscape artist, Jean Ilger? And what is so special about that mysterious green paint Chris talks about using for her art project?

ORDER The Secret of the Green Paint


The Pouting Pumpkin Mystery


by Ann Carol Ulrich



It's Homecoming at Ravensville High, and Annette is longing for Pete Randt to ask her to the dance, but he's just too darn shy. With Halloween just weeks away, the girls have set up a pumpkin stand to raise money for their horse. Meanwhile, Pete's older cousin Luke arrives for an extended visit ... and he's got his eye on Annette!

ORDER The Pouting Pumpkin Mystery


The Legend of the Lantern


by Ann Carol Ulrich


When Annette and Penny agreed to babysit the Randt children while their mom's in the hospital having a new baby, they didn't expect a freak snowstorm to keep them at the farm for the entire Thanksgiving weekend. And as if poachers during hunting season isn't annoying enough, a ghost in the attic room has everyone on edge. Spending an extra night in Pete's house is Annette's chance to discover if the mysterious Man with the Lantern is human ... or a ghost.

ORDER The Legend of the Lantern


In the Shadow of the Tower


by Ann Carol Ulrich


While Penny is busy with the Christmas pageant at school and Mrs. Vetter is in the doldrums over a broken relationship, Annette is feeling extra lonely. Their holiday get-away has been postponed because one of Annette's Holsteins is getting ready to calve. Annette and Penny finally get to check out the local landmark they've been dying to investigate -- the old abandoned tower -- and discover another mystery to solve, involving a missing girl.

ORDER  In the Shadow of the Tower

The Ground Hog Mystery


by Ann Carol Ulrich


The Valentines Dance (where girls ask boys) is coming up and Annette knows that Pete is pecting her to ask him, yet she wants to ask Penny's brother Tim instead. Meanwhile, watch out!--livestock rustlers are in the area. Neighboring farmers are losing cattle, ho5rses, and even chickens! Also ... Ruby's nightmares are growing worse, causing the Vetter family some concern. Stranger yet, her dreams seem to have this weird connection to a "Missing in Action" pilot in Vietnam.  ORDER  The Ground Hog Mystery

Read a Read a Sample Chapter from "Ground Hog"


Spring Break at the Lake House


by Ann Carol Ulrich


While Annette and Penny and Ruby spend their spring break at the Parkers' lake house in Minocqua, Wisconsin, unexpected events disrupt their hopes for a leisurely Easter vacation, starting with the questionable death of a fisherman, plus cousin Fern's secret boyfriend, and three unruly youths wreaking havoc in the area.  Meanwhile, back from Vietnam and still recovering from his ordeal, Ruby's Missing in Action father drives across the country in search of a new life and getting his kids back.

Sample Chapter from "Spring Break"


Prom Night

by Ann Carol Ulrich

Life continues on the Vetter farm in rural Ravensville, Wis., where Annette's dream of having a family includes not only her mother, her half brother and adopted sister Ruby, but now Bob, the recently returned Air Force veteran from Vietnam. At Penny's 16th birthday party, the topic of discussion is the upcoming prom. Penny is worried about Pete giving her lots of expensive jewelry when she knows his family is poor. Annette is wondering why it's taking so long for Tim to ask her to the prom, but her concern is topped by her worry about Tim going off to college in the fall. A homeless man has been seen camping in the Vetters' woods, and Annette has noticed a blue sedan with two mens in suits who appear to have the property under surveillance. Ruby's father, Bob, is overly concerned when he hears about this.  Prom Night turns out to be another exciting adventure for the students at Ravensville High when Annette and Tim agree to participate in a sting operation that puts the two of them in grave danger.

Sample Chapter from "Prom Night"

The Root Cellar Mystery

by Ann Carol Ulrich


​​14-year-old Chris Nesbit is miserable having to leave her friends when her family moves from Milwaukee to a small town in Iowa. The first night in her new home, Chris awakens to see the silhouette of a tall man walking out of her bedroom. Too frightened to scream, she waits till morning to tell her parents, but nobody believes her. Then Chris meets Wendy Young and her brother Skip, who live across the street, and she joins Wendy's club (the P.E.D.). With a mystery already in progress, they attempt to find out what the eccentric neighbor, Mr. North, is up to, along with his accomplice, Joe Kirby the milkman. Then there are the Caldwells (Herbert anhd Pamela), who say they are interested in the Nesbits' house for genealogy purposes. Yet the girls think there's more to it. Meanwhile, the root cellar in the Nesbits' basement is unexplored and boarded up, and the girls are dying to know what's inside.


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