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Here, they are ... my books in the order of most recently published. Be sure to visit the Reading Room to read excerpts. All of my books can also be found on Amazon Kindle.

​                                   The Dream Chasers
                                                              by Ann Ulrich Miller


                                                                My head was throbbing when I slowly came out of the dream. It still felt like I was there,

                                                     but I now knew I was safe in my own bedroom.

                                                                That one had been horrible. Most of them were. I began to wonder when these dreams

                                                     were going to stop.

                                                           "My LIFE was a nightmare," said the voice in my head. Liz, I presumed.

                                                           "Why do you torment me?" I moaned.

                                                           "I'll stop when you've learned the truth." 

                                                                 "And when will that be?" I asked.



                                                                 Haunted by her dead sister who died two years ago under mysterious circumstances,

                                                      B.J. Martin faces outrageous challenges after starting a new business in the Lower Valley of

                                                      Colorado. Too many bizarre and frightening incidents cause her to suspect someone wants

                                                      her valley-wide shopper to fail.

                                                            Still suffering after a devastating divorce several years ago, she is leery of all men. Yet

                                                      when Grant Tucker, publisher of the rival daily newspaper, takes more than a casual interest

                                                      in her, she finds she can no longer distinguish between betrayal and the possibility that she

                                                      could still have it all.

                                   Spring Break at the Lake House
                                                              by Ann Carol Ulrich


                                                                Terror seized Annette and she froze.

                                                                Penny and Fern were yelling, and the bear was four feet in front of her. But something was                                                                   wrong with it.. She saw a mass of blood on its snout and chest area as ropes of drool streamed down                                                           its horrible mouth.

                                                                 The next thing she heard was an explosion of gunfire. The black bear lurched in front of her. A                                                              Another deafening shot rang out and the bear dropped to the ground just inches from her feet.

                                                                 The useless rifle dropped from her hands as Annette's head swam and she blacked out.


                                                                 While Annette, Penny and Ruby spend their spring break at Aunt Marie's and Uncle Joe's

                                                          lake house in Minocqua, unexpected events disrupt their hopes for a leisurely Easter vacation,

                                                          starting with the questionable death of a fisherman, plus Cousin Fern's secret boyfriend.

                                                                  This is the seventh novel in the Annette Vetter series, set in the late 1960s in west-

                                                          central Wisconsin. Not only has Annette acquired a new sister and brother close to her age,

                                                          but she has won the status of being Tim Duncan's girlfriend, but worries what will happen when

                                                          Tim leaves for college in the fall.                                                              

                                                                 Meanwhile, back from Vietnam and still recovering from his ordeal, Ruby's "missing in

                                                          action" father drives across the country in search of a new life. Ruby has never given up the

                                                          belief that her dad is alive, but ... will he find his kids, and will he be able to mend his way

                                                          back into their lives?

In the Shadow of the Tower
by Ann Carol Ulrich


      “I wonder what Terry’s hiding,” said Penny. “I mean ... this is really a mystery, Annette. He shows up in Ravensville, like a homeless person ... but he has a dad in Madison ... and he’s carrying around the picture of this little girl. It gives me the creeps.”
      “Oh, Penny!” Annette scolded her friend. “I’m sure it’s nothing like that. Terry seemed really nice.”
      “Well, you only saw him a couple of times. How do you know what he’s like? He might be a thief or ... or a kidnapper.”
      “Your imagination is running wild again,” Annette taunted.
      But the situation had her worried. She prayed that Terry Knutson wasn’t planning to rob the Randts. What if he had conned his way into working for them, only to steal from them? But that just didn’t make sense.


A very special Christmas is in store for Annette!


                                   The Ground Hog Mystery
                                                              by Ann Carol Ulrich


                                                                “We've got to alert the police,” said Tim.

                                                                "Not so fast." A deep, husky voice called out to them from the shadows. B.J. and another, larger

                                                           man stepped out and confronted Annette and Tim. The larger man had a black beard and wore a                                                                  stocking hat. In his hand was a large switchblade which he thrust at them.
                                                                 "She's the one got me into trouble," B.J. said in an agitated voice.

                                                                 "Well, she's gonna be no trouble from now on," snarled the large man as he closed the distance                                                              between them.


                                       Everyone's tired of winter ... and hoping the ground does not see his shadow ...

                                                                 The Valentines Dance (where girls ask the boys) is coming up and Annette knows that Pete is                                                                expecting her to ask him, yet she wants to ask Penny's brother Tim instead.

                                                                 Meanwhile, look out! ... livestock rustlers are in the area. Neighboring farmers are losing cattle,                                                               horses, and even chickens! Also ... Ruby's nightmares are growing worse, causing the Vetter family                                                                 some concern. Stranger yet, her dreams seem to have this weird connection to a "Missing in Action"                                                             American pilot in Vietnam.


To receive an autographed copy, order directly from the author!


A very special Christmas is in store for Annette this year!

The Root Cellar Mystery
by Ann Carol Ulrich


      “Can we go upstairs now?” asked Philip.
      “What’s that awful smell?” asked Wendy.
      “Whatever it is,” replied Skip, “it’s coming from in there.”
      “I think we smelled it the other day,” said Chris. She wanted to know what was behind the bricks.
      “I want to go upstairs now,” Philip whined.
      “No, wait,” Wendy told him. “Don’t you want to explore this with us?”
      “First, we’ll need a flashlight,” said Chris.
      Skip frowned and stopped removing the bricks. “I just thought of something,” he said. “I can think of only one thing that smells as bad as this.”
      “No comment.” Wendy giggled.
      “Suppose something’s buried in here,” continued Skip. “You know … a dead body.”


Stepping Forth
An American Girl Coming of Age in the '60s
by Ann Ulrich Miller


What was it like to be a teenage girl growing up in the '60s?


​Ann (Schumacher) Miller divulges her most intimate writings as she emerges into womanhood in small-town Monona, Wisconsin, with unforgettable tales of growing up in a family of six kids, her close childhood friendships, fleeting as well as “serious” loves, influential dreams, art and musical talent, an addiction to Nature and living things, with outspoken personal snippets on the political events of that time.


Sonata Summer
by Ann Ulrich Miller


Last summer in Aspen...


Rhea fell in love with Parker Sherwin while on scholarship at the Aspen Music Festival. Just one week before their wedding, a forest fire claimed Parker's life.


A year later, Rhea meets Trey Michaels, an outfitter, but insists on remaining faithful to Parker, whose spirit jogs at her side during her daily runs along the Rio Grande Trail.

She doesn't dare tell anyone that she shares conversations with her unseen lover.

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